Shane McDonald

Development — Ops — Design

I’ve been a hacker in some form or another for my entire life, but here are some things people have paid me to work on.

Ansible (Red Hat)

Principal Software Engineer (December 2018 - Present)

After integrating Ansible’s build and release processes into Red Hat after its acquisition, I transitioned to a principal engineering role on the Ansible Tower API team. My most notable contribution to the application is a feature called Container Groups, which allows Tower to run jobs as ephemeral containers inside of Kubernetes or OpenShift clusters. The feature was announced in the keynote presentation at AnsibleFest 2019, and is being used by many high-profile customers to automate their workloads at scale. I am also one of the key maintainers of the upstream project AWX, serve as a mentor to the junior members on the team, and help plan and execute the long-term strategy for the business unit.

Ansible (Red Hat)

Senior Software Engineer (March 2016 - December 2018)

I am responsible for the build infrastructure and packaging of Ansible Tower. I rebuilt our Jenkins infrastructure using Kubernetes, which provides ephemeral build environments and ensures repeatability and reproducibility of builds and tests. I also handle both Red Hat and Debian packaging, as well as our Ansible-based installer.

Automated Insights

Software Engineer (June 2015 - March 2016)

I joined Automated Insights in 2015 to help build Wordsmith, an app that makes Natural Language Generation accessible to anyone that can create a spreadsheet. I played a key role in the design and implementation of both the application and infrastructure. It has been featured on sites like Smithsonian Magazine, Wired, The Next Web, and Al Jazeera.


Software Engineer (March 2015 - June 2015)

Validic provides a single API that allows healthcare companies to access data from hundreds of health devices and apps. During my time there, I helped improve test coverage, logging, documentation, and development practices.

Tilt 365

Full Stack Developer (March 2013- March 2015)

An alternative to traditional 360 assessments, Tilt 365 provides metrics for strengths such as focus, creativity, trust, and inspiration. I was responsible for the maintenance and development of the entire product after a mentorship by its original developers at Relevance (now Cognitect). Used internally by companies like Facebook, Clif Bar, and Verizon.

Duke University

Software Developer (March 2012 - March 2013)

I worked on several NIH funded projects at Duke. I wrote software that was used to collect data in the field and securely transfer it back to the states for analysis. I deployed systems to study sites in Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, India, and Tanzania.